Massage Therapy


Deep Tissue Massage

Our Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles. Intended to release tension, toxins and deeply held patterns created from overuse and stress.

Shiatsu Massage

The Shiatsu Massage Therapist uses firm presure, stretch movements and body extension to release tension. TTA Rehab and Spa offers the best authentic Japanese Shiatsu Massage Therapy in the GTA.

Sports Massage

Utilizing special techniques to increase blood circulation to the muscles. This massage also aids the body’s natural healing process following physical activity.

Herbal Ball Massage

Using herbs and heat this massage helps you to relax, relieve stress and fatigue, improve circulation of blood, boost both emotional and physical well-being, and stimulate the internal organs. .

Swedish Massage

A European technique that uses long rhythmic strokes and kneading to designed to increase circulation and relieve tension, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed. .

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